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Sport is our passion! Our agency with its 11 years experience in extreme sports is able to offer to its customers the productions of Hungary’s most trusted and prominent sportsmen and teams. Our agency solely distributes exclusive performances to order, so our clients can be sure the best quality is chosen.

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Extreme sport performances and relating performances



Breathtaking backflips under feet and in the air, parkour, cheerleading and freestyle acrobatics included in one unique show.



State of the art air mat with extra spectacular acrobatic show and opportunity to try it out at place.


break dance

Our giddy break dance show is bespiced with wondrous power elements, creative dance choreography and battle.



Authentic cheerleading show in the pure American style: backflips, cracks, liftings and ponpon dancers.

street workout

Street workout

Robust man torsos, miraculous power spectacle, sightful sport performance and chance to try it.

acrobatic basketball

Acrobatic basketball

Backflips an dunks from trambulin, a giddy performance to make a night to remember for all.

trial cycle

Trial bike performance

We reach two metres high with bike and we go back with only one jump. Gorgeous bike performance involving our audition as well.

cyr wheel

Cyr wheel performance

Man in the hoop against gravity. Gripping artistic performance from a professional artist.

freestyle football

Freestlye Football

When the leg is faster than eyes can treat. Impressive tricks, creative choreography, perfect entertainment.


BMX Flatland performance

Thimblerigger bicycle frame twirl, rotation on one wheel without hands’ help and innumerous exclusive tricks in one hot performance.


Hula hoop

Tonic performance of attractive artist lady with 5 hula hoops and with included education if needed.

fire juggler


Let’s set your audience afire with an unforgettable perfomance. Mesmeric choreography, fire blowing and numerous spectacular variation of devices.

Complementary performances


Extreme sportsman coverage

Do you need an extreme sportsman to an advertisement? To a television programme? To a dancer or singer performance? We offer you the best athletes for the casting. Spare time and money!


Action and event drone video making

Professional video maker with event-specified knowledge is available for doing modern, cut videos. Staple is attainable.


Professional sport and event photographer coverage

Let us introduce you to the most experienced event photographer we have ever met! Modern devices, up-to-date technical knowledge and professional expertise are his skills to ensure you excellent quality work.


Slackline supporting programme

Tightrope with whole-day surveillance and education service. The tight rope is expanded between trees and its lenght is 5-30 metres long.

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